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Kerala rtc (Kerala Road Transport Corporation) also known as KSRTC. But to differentiate from KSRTC (Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation), many peoples call Kerala rtc or kerala srtc. same like APSRTC, MSRTC, GSRTC etc. kerala rtc online booking platform provides online booking services.

In this post we shall learn how to book kerala rtc online booking. First of all take brief information about kerala rtc buses and type of bus services.

kerala rtc have total of 6241 buses. Consisting  buses like Volvo, Scania, Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, Eicher Motors and minibuses.

The vehicles owned by KSRTC is registered under a dedicated RTO at Thiruvananthapuram with a registration series KL-15 ( RTO passing).

kerala rtc bus types

Following are the different brand names of kerala rtc buses.

Garuda maharaja (garuda = eagle)

Garuda maharaja (garuda means “eagle”) is a brand name of kerala rtc bus. Garuda maharaj buses build on Scania Metrolink HD 13.7 meter coaches. superior riding quality, interior design, reclined seats, footrest, calf support, radio as well as TV at front and in middle. have other services like water bottles, blankets etc. KSRTC operates garuda maharaja buses on long distance interstate routes. like  Thiruvananthapuram to Bangalore route

Garuda king class

This type of buses have similar facilities like garuda maharaja. garuda kind class build on AC volvo multi axle buses. KSRTC has launched these buses in 2014 with 10 Euro III Volvo 9400 XL B9R.

Garuda sanchari

KSRTC have another bus brand named as garuda sanchari. the meaning of sanchari is “passenger” in malayalam language. garuda sanchari build on bi-axle volvo buses.

Super Deluxe Air Bus

These buses are non AC buses. while colored buses build on ashok leyland & tata chassis. in deluxe buses standing passengers not allowed.


Minnal bus is better choice for right riders and reaches destination by morning. this is best option for long distance travelers.  “Minnal” means “Lightning” in Malayalam language.

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fare charges of kerala rtc (KSRTC bus )

to check ticket price of kerala rtc buses following table can refer.

Fare Table

Service Class

Minimum Fare

Rate per km for travel above minimum fare

City/Ordinary Rs.8 70 paise
City Fast Rs.8 75 paise
Fast Passenger/LSFP Rs.11 75 paise
Super Fast Passenger Rs.15 78 paise
Super Express Rs.22 85 paise
Super Deluxe Rs.30 100 paise
Luxury/Hi-tech and AC Rs.44 120 paise
Garuda Sanchari/Biaxle Premium Rs.45 145 paise
Garuda Maharaja/ Garuda King Class/ Multi-axle Premium Rs.90 145 paise
A/C Low Floor Rs.20
Non A/C Low Floor Rs.10